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The state of the American teenager

The state of the American teenager  Fox News

Child and adolescent family therapist Dr. Darby Fox, clinical psychologist Dr. Kevin Gilliland, and family psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere discuss the CDC survey that 37% of high school students experienced poor mental health during the pandemic.
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Worryingabout“kids thesedays”isaconcernasoldastime.Andwhilepreviousgenerationshavealwaysworriedaboutyoungpeople, therearerealconcernswithtoday’syouththatshouldbeaddressed.  From the dislocatingeffects of the pandemicthatoccurredduringcrucialyears of theiracademicandsocialdevelopmentto the yet-to-befullyunderstoodeffects of widespreadsmartphoneusage, thereareplenty of reasonstobeconcerned. Recently,wepolledanationallyrepresentativesample of teenagers. Theytoldussomeworryingthings. Fifty-fivepercent of teenssaidmostorall of theirclassmatesusecellphonesinclass.(iStock) First, therearefewproblemsineducationmorepressingthan the wave of chronicabsenteeismsweepin